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The PEP 401(k) Toolkit for Financial Advisors

Tools and resources to help you expand your book of business.

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Introduce Your Clients to a Simpler 401(K) Plan

If you have clients who think an employee 401(k) plan is too expensive or complicated to administer, we have a solution that may be ideal for them. The Paychex Pooled Employer (PEP) 401(k) is an easy-to-manage, turnkey plan for any size business. The benefits? Simplified administration and easy online enrollment, reduced fiduciary liability, and the potential for savings.

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How Does the PEP Benefit Your Clients?

The PEP is a multiple-employer plan designed to take the burden of administration off the employer’s hands. In the past, businesses in a multiple-employer plan had to be related by industry or association (such as a trade group). This made it easier for them to share a single plan and not have to file separate Forms 5500 or do individual audits. 

Now, under the SECURE Act, a PEP doesn't require employers to be related. Paychex is the named administrator for the plan and takes on most administrative responsibilities. This alleviates the burden of plan management and decreases fiduciary liability, making it more attractive to smaller businesses. 

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More Access Means More Business

The simplified Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) 401(k) enables a wider range of businesses to offer employee retirement plans. More access can mean more plans--and more business for your practice. We created the free PEP 401(k) Toolkit to help our financial advisor partners leverage PEP to expand their client base. To get your free PEP Toolkit, click below.

Business owner reviewing the pep toolkit

Get Your Free PEP Toolkit

Click here to get access to helpful information and resources for both you and your clients.